Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chandler Massey on DAYS Gay Storyline: I think it's going to be done very well

DAYS OF OUR LIVES actor Chandler Massey spoke to Mingle Media TV at the GBK's Kids Choice Awards Gift Lounge and confirmed rumors that the soap is about to embark on a gay storyline for his character, Will.

"I actually just got a leak that DAYS is doing the first gay storyline ever in all its 45 years so that's coming up in the summer," Massey said. "That's going to be huge. It's very relevant obviously and I think it will be cool because most of the time you have clones, or somebody finding out they're dating their aunt, or something like that. I think it's going to be done very well."


  1. that is my idea for that gay story i t's about time that days of our lives did it too just like all thoes other soaps

  2. a gay storyline is a HUMAN storyline that has super[powers it can help people especially youth feel like they have a place in the world, that they have hope THANK YOU days and congrats

  3. They were actually going to do a gay storyline on DAYS back in 1988-89. Then EP, Al Rabin, revealed in a March 1989 (SOD) interview that the story got canned because of the writers' strike, and he felt that ''the replacement writers were not capable of handling this type of story.'' But he indicated that TPTB had already had story meetings developing the openly gay character, with several proposed scenarios that had been discussed with and applauded by the gay community, and they'd been ready to go forward with what he called a ''realistic'' perspective, ''neither postive nor negative,'' but a ''just the way it is'' story. He also said that they wanted to make sure the character wasn't an island and they'd be committed to telling the entire story, otherwise ''it would fall flat very quickly.'' He ended the interview by saying it could still be told.

    22 years later...

  4. He didn't say it was him who was going to play the gay storyline. He has a girlfriend on the show. It's probably someone else