Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEWS: Katie Couric, Susan Lucci, Fernanda Romero, Univision

CBS Thinks ABC Will Get Katie Couric
One person close to Couric described the ABC move as "a distinct possibility."

Sources say CBS News insiders initially accepted the idea of having Couric keep a role in the division, but have grown weary with the drawn-out negotiation process. "They are ready to wish her well," says one person close to the talks.

"No comment," says a spokesman at ABC News.

Susan Lucci: ALL MY CHILDREN is in the 'Best of Hands'
"It's horrible and it's sad and disappointing, but we're on for five more months," said Lucci. "And the best thing the fans can do is watch, because Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon (both longtime writers on the program) are at the helm and we are in the best of hands."

Susan Lucci: 'I'm going back to that studio and playing Erica Kane for all she's worth'
"Very sad, very disappointed. It's been a sad time but as I said at the end of my Emmy speech, I'm going back to that studio and playing Erica Kane for all she's worth," Lucci said.

Mexican actress gets 30 days in jail for marriage fraud
Fernanda Romero and her husband, Kent Ross, appeared in court and admitted their marriage was a sham so she could remain in the United States.

The couple pleaded guilty and faced up to five years in federal prison. But a judge on Monday sentenced them to 30 days in jail to be served on weekends. They also were each ordered to serve 1,000 hours of community service, as well as spend five years on supervised release.

How Science Fiction Failed Us – Tales of Future Past
Fifteen years ago, only a comic book reader would know what a “retcon” (short for Retroactive Continuity) was. Today, every low-level geek and soap opera fanatic knows the term and either rants or raves about its effect on their favorite piece of fiction.

Univision: The Calm After or Before the Storm
Recent content produced outside the Televisa PLA, such as the highly successful EVA LUNA soap opera by Univision and the also successful LA REINA DEL SUR by Telemundo show that Televisa while incredibly strong, no longer has an absolute coke hold on the US Spanish language content market.

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