Sunday, April 3, 2011

NEWS: Eddie Alderson, Van Hansis, James Franco, ATSS

PHOTO: Van Hansis on the set of PSYCH
PSYCH star Dule Hill tweeted a photo of guest star Van Hansis (ex-Luke, AS THE WORLD TURNS) this week on the set with the caption: "Hey, Van Hansis you may not want to mess with Maggie Lawson...I'm just saying."

Susan Lucci gets warm welcome at Naperville book signing
"It’s wonderful to be here at a school, on this stage," she cried. "I am the woman you love to hate!"

James Franco declares 'social media is over,' shuts down his Twitter account
"My thought was 'this is my Twitter. I can do whatever I want.' But certain companies I work with contacted me about what I was saying," he told reporters at a charity event in Washington, D.C., Thursday, according to Politico. "Social media is over. Still up there. Going down," he added in his comments to the press Thursday. By Saturday, Franco's Twitter account had disappeared, a little more than a month after he first opened it. the World's Only Surgery-Based Soap Opera Podcast Heats Up just launched in mid-March and has already become the premier place for fun, laughs and drama from the operating room. With the slogan "Love and Laughs, Life and Death in the OR," the website's three-minute medical soap opera podcast AS THE SCALPEL SLICES is an original weekly podcast written by a top movie and television comedy writer.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Eddie Alderson on Matthew being Eddie Ford's killer
"I don't think Matthew was in his right mind. He was so freaked out that his mom was missing and he was scared of Eddie — that guy was a very frightening character — and he wanted everything to go away so he pulled the trigger. Matthew's been a good kid his whole life until fairly recently. Ever since he was paralyzed a year ago, things have gone bad for him — from breaking up with Danielle [Kelley Missal] to getting bullied at school. Clint showed him that if you act like a true Buchanan people won't mess with you. Sometimes you have to be mean and do things maybe you shouldn't do. But that's how stuff gets done. I don't know if all this would be happening if Clint hadn't been such a big influence on Matthew. He really looks up to Clint. In fact, Clint is more of an icon and father figure to Matthew than Bo is."

Has DR. HORRIBLE Really Helped Build the Web Series World?
DR. HORRIBLE primarily proved was that you could make online distribution work — if you had a huge, previously established fan base.

That model isn’t exclusive to Joss Whedon, for the record: GUIDING LIGHT star Crystall Chappell, as just one example, has had success bringing soap opera fans to her ongoing subscription series VENICE. But there aren’t a lot of other creators with the followings to pull that off, especially at the level Whedon did.

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  1. Thank ypu for posting this photo of Van Hansis on "Psych". Love him!