Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Gay storyline coming to Salem?

As DAYS OF OUR LIVES celebrates its 45th anniversary in daytime, the traditionally conservative soap is about to get a lot more contemporary: EW is reporting that a gay storyline may be in the works! EW.com says it may involve a current cast member hooking up with someone new.

Will fans finally get the Chad and Will ("Chill") pairing many have clamored for? Or will the show go in a different direction? Do you think it's really happening? Weigh in below in our comments section.

A show spokeswoman declined to comment on the story.


  1. oh my gosh. NO!!!! I HOPE NOT! I am SO not against gays in any sense - I actually LOVE my gay male friends, HOWEVER, putting Chad and Will together would just be WRONG! They are SO not a matchy couple. They are not the right type for eachother. Chad, first of all, is a Dimera, and always been into women... Will - yes, I could totally see... but find him a boyfriend that is more his style.

  2. I wish they would go with Chad and Will but I bet it's Chad and someone else.

  3. It would be perfect if it were will. He is Sami's son, a Horton and Marlena's grandson. It will show middle America that "normal" people have gay children too.

    I always hoped that Mike Horton would return to town out of the closet (which is why he could never find the right woman).

  4. I have been watching days since it first come on and I even named my son bradley for the little one that fell off the swing and I named my daughter jjennifer after jennifer however if the story line goes that way I will never again watch days sorry

  5. Oh how pathetic, getting scared away by a gay storyline? Really?

    "Oh noes!!! A terrible homosexual storyline! Ugh, nevermind the adultery, the drinking, the drug use, the murder, the rapes, the mayhem, the lies, etc. on my beloved soap, because everyone knows the most immoral worst possible thing thing to ever happen to soaps would to have a GAY storyline!" *screams amd flails arms*

    It never ceases to amaze me how over dramatic peopel get over storyline that simply involves two members of the oppposite sex being love. Oh----SHOCK OF HORRORS! Good for you DOOL, bring on the man-on-man action!

  6. I think Days could use a gay storyline. I mean they did it on As The World Turns with Luke and Noah and that turned out pretty good so I'd like to see what happens on Days when, hopefully, Will announces he's gay