Saturday, February 26, 2011

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards Post Show

Photos by Gustavo Monroy

Follow Monday night's inspirational 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards ceremony, the casts and crew of numerous web series mingled at The Ailey Studios before moving on to the after party. What was so fulfilling about putting on this event was seeing the networking happening before and after the show. You will see in many of the photos below actors from different indie soaps posed together, exchanged business cards and offered their support. "Is there anything I can do to help your show?" was a phrase heard multiple times. There were also a number of crossovers being plotted so stay tuned.

Check out some of the post-show photos below.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV's Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs are joined by cast members from IN BETWEEN MEN, ANACOSTIA and THE BAY.

When presenting the Supporting Actress award, ANACOSTIA's Anthony Anderson threatened to pass out if Kim Zimmer won. He had collected himself after the show to snap a photo of the daytime legend.

Two of our favorite ladies posed together, each working on two web series at the moment - Susan Miller's ANYONE BUT ME and BESTSELLERS, and Tina Sloan's EMPIRE and VENICE.

Is it even possible for the IN BETWEEN MEN cast to ever look bad? No.

A long-awaited meeting between IN BETWEEN MEN's Nick Mathews and THE BAY's Derrell Whitt, who played best friends for years on Roger Newcomb's radio soap opera SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES. They recorded separately so had never met until that night.

Orlagh Cassidy, Brian Hewson, and Greg Turner show off the EMPIRE's Best Storyline award.

Roger Newcomb made one little crack about Kim Zimmer's New York Jets and there was almost a brawl! She fired back quickly with a cutting remark about his Atlanta Falcons and it was on! He would need a favor from her later. Would she oblige?

Posing with one of the best actresses in the world and one of the best human beings as well, ANYONE BUT ME's Rachael Hip-Flores.

Susan Miller (along with Tina Cesa Ward) won the Outstanding Writing Award just days after winning a WGA Award in the new media category. These ladies are the bomb!

Event Planner Kevin Mulcahy Jr. posed with GOTHAM's sexy Anne Sayre and Roger Newcomb.

Nominee Pat Rulon flew in from TRAILER MADE's Nashville home and received a warm welcome.

The OUT WITH DAD cast looked great and knew how to party!

EMPIRE nominee Afton Boggiano was the cutest presenter of the night. Was there any doubt that's how it would go?

Paging IN BETWEEN MEN producer Quincy Morris, we've found a new love interest for Dalton Fuller.

ANACOSTIA had not one, but two winners - Pasha Diallo and Anthony Anderson.

The EMPIRE boys put on their finest duds for the occasion.

Outstanding former GUIDING LIGHT head writer Jill Lorie Hurst was on hand to show her support to all these innovators in new media.

Ditto for GOTHAM's sensational Lisa Brown.

The way to our hearts - free merchandise!

Remember that favor Newcomb would need from Zimmer? Well, we needed the room cleared out at the end of the night so he shyly approached her, "I need a favor." Zimmer replied, "Oh, YOU want a favor from ME?" Newcomb was desperate so he just came out with it, "I needed to find the loudest person here to go to the podium and ask people to move toward the coat check and exit." She agreed it had to be her. And enjoyed doing it!

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