Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CONFIRMED: Barbara Bloom Out at CBS Daytime

CBS has issued a statement confirming an earlier report from Daytime Confidential that Barbara Bloom is out at CBS Daytime.

Barbara Bloom, Senior Vice President, Daytime, CBS Entertainment, will leave the Network when her contract expires at the end of the month.

"I've had the great fortune to work with an extraordinary group of executives, producers and talent who make CBS #1 in daytime," said Bloom. "With CBS Daytime teed up for success and stability for many years ahead, the timing feels right for me to make a change now and seek something different. The dramas have multi-year renewals, THE PRICE IS RIGHT has great momentum with Drew, LET'S MAKE A DEAL with Wayne Brady is firmly established and THE TALK is a growing franchise. I've been a writer, a producer and a programming executive, and now I'm excited to see what the next chapter has to offer."

"Barbara artfully led CBS through several key transitions in her eight years here," said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. "She helped usher in a new era on 'The Price is Right' with Drew Carey and guided delicate programming changes from two daytime dramas to successful game and talk shows while maintaining CBS's leadership position in the daypart. All of these efforts have positioned CBS very well for the future. Daytime is successful, profitable, refreshed creatively and has more variety of programming for our audience. We wish Barbara tremendous success wherever her talents take her."


  1. Knock knock.

    Who's there?

    Why was Barbara Bloom named Barbara Bloom?

    Dunno, why?

    Because SHOW KILLING BITCH was too long to fit on her birth certificate?

  2. SHE may had two soaps removed from CBS due reasons known to her and the president of the station. Does NOT give a person a right to bad mouth her OR anyone for that matter.
    Barbara WAS just doing her job!! CALLING her a "SHOW KILLING BITCH" IS going TOO FAR! HOW would you liked it if someone bashed you OR someone close to you over something THAT was out of yours & their control?????????