Monday, January 3, 2011

Anne Francis, a Cult Icon as Honey West, Has Died of Cancer

Actress Anne Francis has died from complications of pancreatic cancer. She was 80.

Francis, who was a sex siren in the 1950s also memorably starred in the science-fiction classic FORBIDDEN PLANET, but her star-turn as a private eye in television show HONEY WEST made her an icon.

Soap fans will remember Francis for her role as Arliss Cooper on DALLAS in 1981.

The stunning blonde died Sunday (Jan. 2) at a Santa Barbara nursing home, said Bill Guntle, a funeral director McDermott-Crockett & Associates Mortuary in Santa Barbara.


  1. Ms. Francis was also once known as "The Little Queen of Soap Operas" and appeared on such shows as "Aunt Jenny's True Life Stories" and "When A Girl Marries" (as Kathy from 1943 to 1946).

  2. Ann Francis and Peter Falk were both from Ossining, NY (Westchester County). Both were also born on September 16 (Falk in 1927; Francis in 1930)