Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WLS World AIDS Day With Anthony Geary

WE LOVE SOAPS TV had the honor of catching up with Anthony Geary at the 2010 Broadway Cares event. Here is what he had to say regarding HIV and taking action:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: What is one thing someone who is reading this can do to help?
Anthony Geary: There are a lot of wonderful organizations you can donate to. It all starts with one person. The best thing a person can do if they can’t afford to donate is to change their attitudes toward the disease. People who have this disease are victims of a disease. They deserve our love and our compassion. The fact is that people can live with HIV now very successfully. So people should educate themselves to know that it’s no longer a death sentence with the right attention to medical care and taking of yourself. It’s like living with many other challenging situations. I think education is number one. And secondly whenever you can donate your time or money to any of the organizations, that would be a wonderful thing to do.

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