Monday, December 13, 2010

WLS Book Review: DAYS OF OUR LIVES 45 Years: A Celebration In Photos

If you have been a soap fan for any length of time, then chances are you have a very beautiful but somewhat out-of-date coffee table book of your favorite show, either past or present.  During the mid-late 90s, most shows put out an elegant and historical pictorial featuring plot synopses and rare pictures.  Authors Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell have updated and upgraded this concept by offering an aesthetically gorgeous and fascinating look behind the scenes in the new book "DAYS OF OUR LIVES 45 Years: A Celebration In Photos."

Yes, there are plenty of historical pictures from 1965 onward that have never been published before. You see actors reading cue cards in the Horton living room, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) getting her hair done in 1974, Josh Taylor (Roman) and James Reynolds (Abe) playing basketball on a lunch break, and more.  What DAYS fans have also never previously viewed are the structural compositions of the show.  From blue prints of each set, to wedding dress designs, to the wardrobe racks, to the drawers which hold each character's props, to the action in the make-up room, never before have viewers of a daytime soap given the opportunity to see so much behind-the-scenes details. 

Clearly great time and attention was given to deliver something original and unique to DAYS fans.  Meng and Campbell painstaking crafted a book that not only illustrates a daily creative process, but also stands as a piece of art on its own.  You may have seen other DAYS books, but you haven't seen life in Salem this close before.

S.A.S.S. (Short Attention Soap Summary)

WHAT IS IT:  "DAYS OF OUR LIVES 45 Years: A Celebration In Photos" - now available on and book stores everywhere.

WHY SOAP FANS WILL LOVE IT: Beautiful pictures of past/present cast members, never before seen photos of sets and dressing rooms, catching actors napping between takes, and close-ups of the Horton Christmas Ornaments for the very first time? You can't lose!

BOTTOM LINE: This is the perfect holiday treat for any member of your family of any age who has ever enjoyed spending time in Salem.  It is a beautiful and reasonably price gift ($17.99 at the time of this writing!) that will bring much happiness and joy to its recipient.

VERDICT: Don't spend the days of your life missing out on this "Celebration."  Buy it on sale here.  Need more convincing? Check out this fun video narrated by Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie):

WE LOVE SOAPS TV #2.32 - Damon interviews author Eddie Campbell and Crystal Chappell
WE LOVE SOAPS TV #2.31 - Damon interviews Crystal Chappell and Shawn Christian about the book 
WLS Coverage of 2010 Day Of Days Event in November 2010

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