Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEWS: Nathan Fillion, Susan Lucci, Bill Roache, Kathryn Joosten, Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau to appear on CSI: NEW YORK
She'll play a clinic manager who helps investigators track down Ne-Yo.

GLEE going on a 2-month break — "maybe" cast members will leave show
Last night's Christmas special is the last new episode until the Super Bowl episode on Feb. 6. Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy is still getting hounded about whether the New Directions will graduate from high school and leave the show. To which he says "maybe." "Yes, we're going to be doing something," he says. "I'm not going to reveal what it is because it's two years away, but it'll be something momentous happening that spring."

Networks blasted for their Latino representation
CBS earned a B+ from the National Latino Media Council, Fox got a C+ and ABC (which canceled UGLY BETTY) earned a B-.

Three more actors join TRUE BLOOD
Christina Moore will play a WASPy Texas housewife with special powers, LOST alum Neil Hopkins (Charlie's brother) will join the HBO series as Claudine's brother and Chris Butler as a shapeshifter.

Kathryn Joosten to appear on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
Kathryn Joosten (Karen McCluskey on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) will guest star on B&B. The actress will play herself in a story arc involving Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) and Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) that centers on lung cancer. In the episode, Stephanie befriends real-life lung cancer patients and survivors and meets them one-by-one in her home to hear their stories of diagnosis, treatment and hope. Joosten, a two-time cancer survivor, is among the visitors in the drama’s 6000th episode.

Nathan Fillion would love to return to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
"I would love to go back to ONE LIVE TO LIVE," he told The Hollywood Reporter. They just got a new Joey, the character I played, so I would love to go back and just do a walk-on where Joey's in the middle of something super serious, [acts out bumping into him] and says, 'Oh, hey. Sorry,' and then just keep waking. I would love to do that."

A look at the life and times of Bill Roache
On Monday, ITV is screening the very first episode of CORONATION STREET, in which 21-year-old Ken Barlow (Ken being seven years younger than Bill) clashes with his father, who thinks that a university education has turned him into a snob, ashamed of his roots in a shabby terraced street.

Susan Lucci is getting to the heart of atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib
The ALL MY CHILDREN star is joining a campaign to raise awareness for A-Fib after her husband Helmut Huber was diagnosed with the condition a little over ten years ago.

THE GOOD WIFE's Julianna Margulies goes "bad" for Harpers Bazaar
Check out her sexy photo shoot and interview conducted by co-star Alan Cumming.

Kelly Ripa is on crutches
The REGIS & KELLY host revealed yesterday that she's unable to walk due to a stress fracture in her hip.

THE HASSELHOFFS debuts to disappointing ratings
The 10 p.m. Sunday debut delivered only 718,000 viewers, with the audience shrinking considerably for the second half-hour episode at 10:30 p.m., with 505,000 viewers.

Still Counting on the Power of Television
The robustness of the ardor for television ads is startling some forecasters, who had believed that the intensifying demand for online advertising would cut into sales for TV as it has for, say, newspapers. That does not seem to be the case, even as they point to a sharp climb in spending for Internet ads as another reason the recovery will proceed — and even gain momentum — into next year.

James Franco on of Entertainment Weekly's 15 Entertainers of the Year
This actor, artist, student, soap star, and writer is so hot he's not only getting Oscar buzz for his performance in 127 Hours, he's been picked to co-host the awards show with Anne Hathaway. The 32-year-old says his transformation into a Renaissance man began around five years ago. ''I was 27, 28, and that's a time in a lot of people's lives when they start assessing themselves,'' he says.

Thom Bierdz opens up on his recent liposuction
“On the Sept. 13, 2010 episode of Y&R, my character, Phillip, consoled Nina in their deceased son’s bedroom. I remember the assistant director telling me not to look down and I almost rolled my eyes to Tricia Cast (Nina) about it. I had no idea how bad I looked in that position because I was not able to see myself at this angle. … When I saw myself on TV, I was quite horrified and amused to see that my angular face was a complete round, fat mass that hung like Play-Doh when I looked downward. … My shirt also creased between my chest and my upper stomach because of a peculiar fat bump that made me look like I had a belly. So I wanted to remove that upper stomach fat.”

Maria Bell excited about Y&R renewal, and her own
"This is the most awesome news!!!" co-executive producer/headwriter Maria Arena Bell posted on her Facebook page. "Huge vote of confidence for the show -- it's doing great! So there goes the "this business is dying" theory! Plus... I've got a new deal too!!!!!! So I'm staying with Y and R people!"


  1. LOL @ what SoapFan78 said!

    But speaking of that, WLS has a typo in their quote: "On the Sept. 13, 2010 episode of Y&R, my character, Phillip, consoled Nina in their diseased son’s bedroom." The recasting and SORASing of Chance may not have been entirely successful or appreciated, but at that time in the story, Chance was actually believed to be "deceased"--not diseased.

  2. Would Love To See Nathan fillion On OLTL In A Day Role With Joey, Dorian, Viki & Kelly

    That Could Be Great Fun