Thursday, November 18, 2010

WATCH: DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM Season Three Premiere

DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM returned today with its Season Three premiere. We find Ocean and her family still reeling from the aftermath of Senior’s emotional and physical warfare. Ocean, Lupe and Peggy question their livelihood and how they’ll maintain a roof over their heads. Lupe’s health leaves her feeling especially vulnerable. Watch the Indie Soap Award winner for Best Indie Soap of 2009 below.

This weekend, while at the press junket, Robert Townsend announced that TV One wants to do a one hour special of DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM in January. Negotiations are happening now for the special which would gauge the audiences interest in the show.


  1. Wow! What a great episode. This was the best episode of web soap I've seen in some time. The acting, writing, and production values are top notch.

  2. This is why we named it Indie Soap of the Year last year. It definitely will be a contender again. There are so many more shows this year to weed through but I always leave DOASM feeling like I just watched a top notch production.