Monday, November 8, 2010

THE BAY The Series Interviews: Taylor Stanley

ANOTHER WORLD fans from its last year will remember Taylor Stanley as spunky Remy.  But fans of THE BAY will know her better as Zoe, the betrayed fiance of Brian, whose lover's quarrel with Igor may end with a "bang."  Join me as we discuss THE BAY, her time on ANOTHER WORLD, which AW helped her the most, and words of wisdom for colleagues from AS THE WORLD TURNS.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: So nice to meet you! Let’s talk about THE BAY!
Taylor Stanley: It’s amazing isn’t it?

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Lots of family drama, conflict, suspense. 
Taylor Stanley: And that’s what soap are all about. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: You play Zoe Johnson, the fiancĂ© of Brian, played by Dylan Bruce.  He has a big secret.
Taylor Stanley: Yes, and I’m beautifully naive to the fact  I am madly in love with him.  And my brother MacKenzie [John Callahan] has a feeling about him.  That’s my premise in the beginning. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: You were part of ANOTHER WORLD at the end as Remy.  What was that like to be  part of the ending of a 35-year-old institution?
Taylor Stanley: It was really interesting.  I had never worked on a soap before.  I had done some TV but it wall on a sitcom, just in and out.  They were such a family.  From the hair and the make-up to the producers to the production assistants.  I remember the tears on the set the day we found out it was canceled.  It was a wonderful experience.  I hate to say that because it was also a very sad experience.  But as an actor, to be part of something so rare, was a wonderful experience.  I learned so much while I was there.  I learned to think quick, act quick, to use your instincts, find your camera, find your light, the better you do the first time the more chance you are to be shown on screen. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Did these lessons help you while shooting THE BAY?
Taylor Stanley: Absolutely!  You can’t waste your time.  You can’t waste the director’s time.  I went up to a director once at ANOTHER WORLD and asked, “Do I have any notes?” He said, “Sweetie, if I’m not talking to you, you are doing it, don’t worry about it.”  That was the best I could learn, I stopped bothering directors after that.  I wanted to say, “Please please tell me I’m doing okay,” but a director doesn’t want to waste their time telling you that you are doing your job. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Their approval was in their silence.
Taylor Stanley: Yes. If you were left alone you were doing your good job.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Who did you learn the most from at ANOTHER WORLD?
Taylor Stanley: Judi Evans.  Flat out.  I got to work with her a lot.  I learned a lot from Linda Dano as well, but I got to work with Judi a lot more.  There’s something about her.  Her emotions ride at the edge of her skin.  They are not bottled up, they are all on the edge of her skin.  She taught me that.  Once you walk on set you are like a raw nerve.  She told me to let myself be, let the moments happen, don’t worry about how you look.  It was a wonderful experience working with her. 

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Given that you were on a canceled show, do you have any advice for the actors who have lost their job on AS THE WORLD TURNS?
Taylor Stanley: That’s hard.  I’d say to go with your gut.  Keep charging.  When you’re so used to working five days a week, it can get sad and depressing when you’re not.  So just keep your spirits up, know how talented you are, and let the times go as they go.  Keep your world outside of acting as full as you can.  That will bring more to your acting when the time comes. 

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