Friday, November 19, 2010

Terri Conn on Joining ONE LIFE TO LIVE

“I was watching the show on November 15th and it really hit me how fortunate I am to be on this AMAZING show!!!" said Terri Conn (formerly Colombino) on joining ONE LIFE TO LIVE in the role of Aubrey.

"It is classic soap...secrets revealed (Rex's parents), romance (James and Starr on Starr Beach), comedy (Kelly's drunk dialing), and family (the fabulous Cramer girls, the Buchanans, etc) and it LOOKS like a movie! Everyone is so sweet and they are total pros. I'm having so much fun with my character. I just keep getting more and more excited every day! Thank you Frank Valentini and ABC for giving me a shot!!!”

Tune in for her first airdate as Aubrey Wentworth on Monday, November 29th.


  1. I've been a CBS daytime watcher for years, but could never get into B&B. The past few weeks of Y&R have turned me off (pregnant Daisy, uneven writing), but OLTL has quickly drawn me in -- I stopped watching after Kish left, but started again when Kim Zimmer & John Wesley Shipp came on board. Must admit, the production values are good -- their lighting designer deserves an Emmy. Looking forward to seeing Terri join the mix of great actors on OLTL.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Terri on OLTL! :-)

  3. Welcome to OLTL! I hope that OLTL does more PR work to notify former viewers of ATWT and GL that some of their best performers are on OLTL.

    Zimmer and Ver Dorn are on fire as Echo and Clint.

    OLTL, sign Zimmer to a long term contract!!

  4. I wanted to switch to this show because it's the only remaining soap shot in NYC and a friend of mine writes for the show. However, with the rumors that it is next on the chopping block of soaps, I just can't put in the effort of learning all of these characters. I switched to Y&R instead. It's the number one rated soap and so I hope it will be around for many years to come. I don't know what I would do without a daytime soap to watch!