STUDY: You Are What You Watch On TV

What you watch on television says a lot about you according to a new study by Mindset Media which recently analyzed self-reported data from about 25,000 TV viewers across more than 70 TV shows.

What they found were common personality traits among many of the shows' audiences of people who answered that they regularly tune in. Only a few mainstream shows like HOUSE and BONES didn't have any single personality that stood out statistically either because the audiences are so broad, or the fact that personality isn't a driver of viewership.

They shared data with Ad Age from seven shows that are on many media buyers' short lists already. Mindset detailed not only what common personality traits they claim each show is more likely to attract, but offered a sample of advertisers that it believes are more likely, or less likely, to appeal to people with those personalities.

Here are shows people with various personality traits are likely to watch:
Very modest people: DEADLIEST CATCH
Altruistic people: Cooking shows like RACHAEL RAY and reality shows with happy endings like THE BACHELOR
Creative people: MAD MEN
Rule breakers or rebels: FAMILY GUY
Open-minded/experimentalists: GLEE
Traditional personalities: DANCING WITH THE STARS
People who feel they are superior to others: THE OFFICE
Pragmatic people: THE BIGGEST LOSER

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