Monday, November 22, 2010

NEWS: Ryan Kwanten, CBS Character Drama, Hatcher, Buffy, 101, Dolan

Changing TV Finances Behind CBS Move to Tweak Genre With Deeper Plots
CBS asked for an intriguing tweak in primetime: Place heavier emphasis on the characters. "We were willing to take this in a direction where it was more strongly procedural, and they were the ones who pushed it in this direction," said Robert King, co-creator of THE GOOD WIFE.

Teri Hatcher denies 'Housewives' exit
Teri Hatcher has blasted "ridiculously untrue" reports she's quit Desperate Housewives, insisting she will stay on the show until "it's cancelled".

Buffy movie in the works
There's no word from the studio on the who, how or when of the new Buffy, which is still in the script-writing stage. But a representative confirmed that while we can expect plenty of saucy, sexy smarts from the heroine, this movie's vampire slayer is "not your high school Buffy."

DirecTV to curtail series-saving efforts
The 101 channel, exclusively available on DirecTV, is now preparing to shift into a new direction, focusing its original programming efforts on series that have never been seen in the U.S.

GREY'S ANATOMY planning musical episode?
According to Michael Ausiello, the special installment will air in the second half of the season.

Ellen Dolan on Why She's Thankful for ATWT and What's Next
"It was sure tough there towards the end. But we did it. And you know, honestly, it was time to go. It really was time to go. But, I'll tell you, I was floored at how emotional I was the last day."

Ryan Kwanten opens up about his gay brother, his loyal male admirers, and his top-secret sex life
"Many little boys fantasize about playing the hero in a traditional shoot-’em-up — a guy who’s quick on the draw. But what really fascinated me about Red Hill was that this guy is full of faults, so it felt like a prequel to John Wayne and Clint Eastwood — before they turned into bad-asses."

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