Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RESULTS: Indie Soap of the Week Poll

Here are the results from the WE LOVE SOAPS TV "Indie Soap of the Week" poll for the week of November 7-13, 2010. THE BAY remained in the top spot for the week with VENICE a close second. VENICE has appeared in the Top 3 more than any other indie soap. ANACOSTIA placed in third while the sexy return of EMPIRE landed in fourth. MONTREAL HEARTS continued to do well in fifth place. PRETTY doubled its votes from last week and placed sixth. If you're a fan of any of these shows, we encourage you to check out some of the other offerings.

Indie soaps that aired one or more episodes last week were eligible. Check back on Saturday when this week's polling begins and keep supporting your favorite indie shows by voting. But more importantly watch them and spread the word.

Watch last week's indie soaps below:
- ANACOSTIA Season 2 Episode 5
- APT 1B Season 2 Episode 3
- BREAK Episode Zero
- COLLEGE Episode 203 "Randrew"
- DAZE Episode 1
- DIRTY SOUTH Episode 2
- EMPIRE Season 3 Episode 1
- GET FLOORED Episode 3
- I BREATHE THIS Episode 4 "What's Up Wit Ya Man?" (explicit)
- JOURNEYQUEST Episode 7 "Duplicitous Bastards"
- MONTREAL HEARTS Episode 9 "Mary & Nana"
- MY GHOST SISTER & ME Season 2 Episode 1
- ORANGE JUICE IN BISHOP'S GARDEN Episode 3.1 "The Friend Present"
- PLACES PLEASE Episode 3.2 "Whose Whine Is It Anyway"
- PRETTY Season 2 Episode 2
- THE BAY Chapter 2 Webisode 7
- THE BEST FRIEND Episode 9 "A Day Without"
- THE PARAGON Season 2 Episode 11
- TRAILER MADE Webisode 2
- UNCLE FRANK'S Episode 3
- VAMPIRE ZOMBIE WEREWOLF Episode 2 "An American Zombie In London"
- VENICE Season 2 Episode 5 (subscription)

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  1. Good for Venice! Last week's episode was HOT, especially the final scene.