Friday, November 12, 2010

Nostalgia TV Network Adds Soaps Including ATWT

The Nostalgia TV Network has loaded its IPTV channel on the TV4U.Com video portal with 100 more vintage TV shows. Nostalgia TV can be found directly at NTVTele.Net.

Soap operas include AS THE WORLD TURNS (one episode in which Lisa is pregnant with Tom), HAWKINS FALLS, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (early Mary Stuart) and SECRET STORM. There's not much here yet but it's always fun to watch true classic episodes.

“We are very excited to expand our programming on the Nostalgia TV Network,” said CEO Charry Kennedy. “We truly have the best of early television and we give viewers a chance to experience the world of television in the 1950’s.”


  1. Just watched As The World Turns episode. So great to see Nancy, Chris, Bob and Lisa. And Penny!!! I wish they would get more episodes on there. I would watch any episode of ATWT I could get my hands on!

  2. It the economic model for this could work out, FINALLY we'd begin to see the monetary path to preserving this legacy.