Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEWS: Mini GLEE, Greg Vaughan, Leona Lewis, Nia Long, Cara Buono

Kiddie GLEE Revealed
Here's a first look at Mini Finn, Sam, Kurt and Artie along with Rachel, whose Mini character is played by DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress Lauren Boles.

GLEE hasn't decided if Darren Criss will become Kurt's boyfriend
Ryan Murphy confirms Criss will be on the show "through the year and longer," but he hasn't determined his character's Blaine's role on the show. "I want to see what people’s reaction to that is," says Murphy. "Part of me thinks he should be the boyfriend, part of me thinks he should just be the mentor. I didn’t want to decide that until we got into sort of the middle of the season. We’re figuring it out now."

Greg Vaughan cast in new ABC show
Former GENERAL HOSPITAL star Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) has been welcomed back into the Alphabet Network's fold, this time as a series regular on a one-hour pilot for ABC Family called WHAT WOULD JANE DO.

Leona Lewis admits: I'm obsessed with VAMPIRE DIARIES
"It's holding me over until the new TRUE BLOOD comes out! Can't wait."

Nia Long joins CHASE
Long will face off with Cole Hauser as assistant U.S. attorney.

Cara Buono jumps from MAD MEN to BROTHERS & SISTERS
Balthazar Getty will return to the ABC show with a new gal pal, played by Buono.

Eva Longoria getting divorced?: "100 percent false"
TMZ is taking back its report that NBA star Tony Parker filed for divorce from the "Desperate Housewives" star on Monday. Longoria's rep said the initial TMZ report was "100 percent false."

PBS: We cut out Tina Fey's Sarah Palin's jokes because of time constraints
"It was not a political decision," says exec producer Peter Kaminsky. "We had zero problems with anything she said." He adds that "We took a lot out. We snipped from everyone." Meanwhile, PBS has posted Fey's unedited speech on its website.

Michael J. Fox makes THE GOOD WIFE even better
His performance tonight as a handicapped lawyer is provoking, inspiring and hilarious.

1 comment:

  1. Great news for Greg Vaughan and Nia Long! They're both great actors.

    As for PBS cutting Tina Fey's speech, PBS is being disingenuous. PBS could have cut any part of Fey's award acceptance speech but only chose to cut her joke about Palin.

    This seems to be done out of fear. And, sadly, rightly so, given the backlash that NPR took over Juan Williams' firing when Republican officials threatened to cut funding for NPR and PBS.

    What does that say about censorship?