Sunday, November 21, 2010

NEWS: Jason Tam, Alison Sweeney, Soapstar Spectacular, J-P Lavoisier

Daytime soaps come to life on Strand
About 250 fans gathered Saturday during a VIP event at Myrtle Beach Convention Center to meet some of CBS' most popular daytime soap stars.

"They're in my living room, and no one calls at that time as they know I'm watching it or I won't answer the phone," said Y&R fan Kathy Whisnant as she waited to see "Adam" and "Phyllis" at Saturday's Soapstar Spectacular.

Y&R's Eric Roberts talks about his substance abuse past
"Anything bad or negative that ever happened in my career or in my personal life had to do with the abuse of drugs, completely."

VIDEO: John-Paul Lavoisier talks to New York's ABC 7
Lavoisier talks to about Rex learning the identity of real parents.

Alison Sweeney Reminisces On MTV's WHEN I WAS 17
"I had a scene with the girl who plays my sister, and Carrie was teaching Sami how to French kiss and Carrie said, 'Well, you can practice on your hand.' So we had a whole scene where we're literally making out with our hands. Making kissing noises, like actually kissing our hands," she recalled. "Six weeks later, I'm in my U.S. history class and the teacher had a VCR that was broken so he had to go get another one. And while we were waiting for him to come back, the kids are like, 'Let's watch 'Days of our Lives.' " And just like some loopy daytime-TV plot twist, the embarrassing make-out scene Sweeney had taped earlier was playing, much to the amusement of her fellow high-schoolers.

"It was so horrifying and I didn't know what to do. I thought about breaking the TV but I sat there at my desk and I just put my hands in my desk and covered my face," she said. "I was so mortified."

THE TALK doing well in New York City
The show doing well among its target demo of women 25-54 on CBS-owned stations, including Ch. 2 -- where it's up 57 percent in that demo over what the station averaged last year (for AS THE WORLD TURNS).

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VIDEO: Thanksgiving festival held on Skid Row
Thanksgiving came early for thousands of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Volunteers with the Union Rescue Mission got up early Saturday morning to fry dozens of turkeys and prepare all the trimmings. The annual Thanksgiving street festival focused on the residents of Skid Row. Members of the soap opera THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL were on hand to help out.

Jason Tam Update
Tam, who had been a regular on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, left the soap opera in October after undertaking a Shakespeare Workshop this summer with a Public Theatre performance in "All's Well That Ends Well." He is now awaiting a nod for the part of Romeo in Yale Repertory Theatre's upcoming "Romeo and Juliet." Meanwhile, Tam has relocated to Los Angeles to check out prospects for TV pilots that would film this spring.

Paul and Judy Ditchfield (ISIDINGO's Stella Fouché): Still bats about each other
"There’s almost 25 years between us and people said we wouldn't last longer than six months," Judy says. To which Paul responds jokingly, "She’s getting a bit old now. Time for a change."

ISIDINGO's wicked woman returns
Michelle Botes is back as Cherel de Villiers, the queen of mean.

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