Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NEWS: Darren Criss, Jessica Tuck, Shonda Rhimes, Joan Collins

Viewers May Be Willing to Watch More Ads Online. Lots More.
Research conducted by Turner suggested that programmers could surround online streams of shows with even more ads than TV broadcasts have. The research comes at a pivotal time for programmers like Turner, which would like to extend TV-style ad loads to the Internet. Turner and others are slowly extending their programs to the Internet for existing cable and satellite subscribers only, a concept sometimes called TV Everywhere. Heavier ad loads and restricted access will go a long way toward bringing TV on the computer in line with TV on the living room set.

PREVIEW: Darren Criss sings "Soul Sista" on GLEE
The clip will air in an upcoming episode.

Jessica Tuck becomes TRUE BLOOD series regular
Tuck joined the show as even-tempered vampire mouthpiece Nan Flannigan in season 1. Her role was beefed up considerably last season, so news of her full-time upgrade doesn't come as a complete surprise.

Shonda Rhimes Reveals GREY'S ANATOMY Musical Details
"It's definitely a Callie-heavy story, but it's a story that we would've told whether there was singing or not. It's always nice to have a Tony winner on deck to do a little singing."

NEW DAWN is about changing the conscience of Nigerians
"What we are starting with the soap opera is where you use film stars to act scripts and the scripts will be the tool, the message for Nigerians to change. There is no that modus operandi except that Nollywood people like Mr. Chris Oge Kalu have been the spearhead of the production of what we call NEW DAWN and they actually conceived it."

Q&A: Joan Collins On Stage, Looking Back
"Today, women have to conform to a certain ideal of beauty that is beyond any woman's grasp — to be five foot eight or nine or ten, to weigh 118 pounds, to not have a line on your face. It's impossible. But I don't want to be just another actress moaning about how difficult it is to get jobs, which they all do. It's in all professions. It's in the legal profession, it's in publishing, it's television news readers, it's being a nurse. The emphasis today on having to look perfect is stronger than it ever was."

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