Thursday, October 21, 2010

VENICE POLL: Are You Watching Season Two?

VENICE returned on Wednesday with the second episode of its new season. In order to watch, fans had to sign up for subscriptions again this year. There's been much talk about whether that's a good idea or not, but you have to credit the show with doing what they can to manage production costs.

Will you be subscribing and watching? Take our poll below and weigh in on your thoughts in our Comments section.

Is this the best model for indie soaps to use? Or what about product placements and other sponsors?

If you've been able to catch the first two episodes of the new season, also let us know what you think - better than last year, worse, the same?


  1. Hell yeah I'll gladly shell out a WHOPPING (insert sarcasm) 9.99 to watch what I want to watch. Any thing that Crystal and Jessica do for us, I will proudly support. They've done so much for us,it's the least I can do.
    Season two is looking good! Lots of intrigue and drama! Love is in the air with Owen/Sami Ani/Lara already! Soapy goodness to come! I'm definitely digging it!

  2. This is a fantastic Web Series and it allows us CC/JL, DOOL, GL, and other current soap lovers to see some of the best actors on one web series.

    As for the cost ... iTunes videos are what ... $2-$3 per episode and for Venice we are paying $9.99 for a whole season ... nothing to complain about. I would do anything I could to help these ladies put out a great Web Series.

    I will watch and support this project always!

  3. I have payed for Venice again and would be willing to pay for any webseries I am interested in. Is it ideal? No and it is certainly a risky business model but it is a minimal cost that I am willing to pay. As for Venice, I have watched both episodes so far and it is much, much better than last season already. I enjoy the longer episodes, the actors, the music, the production values with the exception of some out of focus camera work, and most importantly I am enjoying the fact that actual stories are being developed and there are hooks at the end that make me want to see the next episode.

  4. I *LOVE* Venice. The writing is fresh and the people actually talk like real people. The stories are "old style" soap opera (and I mean that in a GOOD way) with a very modern twist. I bought the DVD of season one even after I subscribed to it, and season two is even better.

    Hillary Bailey Smith should win whatever the web version of an Emmy is for her performance.

  5. David, Hillary was nommed for our Indie Soap Award last year and VENICE had only aired three shows at that point. She has quite a bit of material to judge this year from the end of Season 1 and now Season 2.

  6. Roger. Good to know. She has been a favorite of mine since her days on "As The World Turns," but Guya really is a PERFECT part for her. Her phone call in episode two where she says "It's not nice to call your Aunt a f***tard" had me rolling on the floor!

  7. The F***tard mention and the hooker's alias "candy cane" cracked me up. Of course the big mystery was what exactly Gina was wearing? My roommate walked in and said "is she wearing a raincoat?"

  8. I watched last season. It wasn't perfect, but I definitely was entertained.

    With these two episodes of season 2, though, I can say that there is such an improvement. Not only is Venice appealing visually, but the writing and editing are MUCH better so far. I'm really liking the format much better, being able to see a little of each storyline each episode. Can't wait to see the rest of the season unfold.

    So, yes, I have gladly subscribed for season 2.

  9. I am enjoying Venice this season, largely due to the episodic format, longer episodes, and tighter writing.

    I know that not everyone is a fan of the subscription model, arguing that it limits the audience. But I would rather pay $9.99 to guarantee another season than be stuck in limbo waiting to get a sponsor or network-backing like so many webseries out there (i.e. Imaginary Bitches, Gotham, Steamboat, etc). I’ve seen some webseries (Anyone But Me, The Bay, Vampire Mob) hold a fundraiser or use a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to cover production costs. Regardless of whether you use subscriptions or Kickstarter, there is no right or wrong way to monetize a webseries. To me, the subscription model is a success for Team Venice because they were able to create Season 2 and are already working on Season 3. So many webseries are one and done and I am glad to see Venice is not one of them.

  10. Interesting poll. I too had been wondering if all the new cast members would bring in new audiences for Venice, or if in fact the originating audience was still what was driving Venice. The press for Venice season 2 seems much more muted than for the first season overall. If any new viewers are out there, would love to hear why you're watching Season 2.

    So far, it looks like season 2 has focused on aspects which fell short in season 1 such as natural sounding dialogue and coherent/engaging story - the convos seems more natural but working with the extra episode length is a work in progress - some scenes feel too short and others too long which can undercut a masterful performance, like Tina Sloan's inner/outer monologue. Guya's scenes seem just right (though honestly the use of f**ktard felt out of left field and pulled me outta the scene). I think the daytime actors are having fun throwing in swear words, the non-use of which is probably embedded in their DNA to not utter on camera, so it can feel out of place at times.

    As a Jessica fan, I too have been bothered by some key shots being out of focus such as JL's fuzzy face in the final beach scene which sadly undercut what should be an emotionally resonant moment. And it may just be my JL smit working overtime, but so far this season, JL has played supporting actor in the scene staging/camera angle selections, and its bothered me at some level. In fact, she's more fuzzy than the HD ghost! Course its only been 2 eps, so fingers crossed!

    But even with my picayune griping, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far and am looking forward to the next episodes. Truly there have been some major leap forwards.

  11. I will gladly pay again for a subscription. I think the subscription model is a smart way to go and don't see how it is any different from the fundraising/or pledge model. I think the subscription model garantees that I will get a quality show and that is what I'm personally looking for in a webseries.

  12. The subscription model is ideal for me. $10 to not only get to see an entire season but behind the scenes as well. Add to that the incredibly interactive cast & crew & who wouldn't rather pay $10 for such a great experience than dishing it out towards their cable or satellite company for crap tv shows. The writing is clever, the acting brilliant & the cinematography creative. You couldn't ask for more.

  13. I enjoyed season 1 but season 2 has taken a gigantic step up... just FANTASTIC so far. Being a non-US person, the subscription works out at about $15 of my dollars, which I'm more than happy to pay. As KelseyUSA pointed out, iTunes costs me a lot more. And I notice that the subscription model VENICE and WE HAVE TO STOP NOW have produced 2nd seasons much more quickly than some others... so if it's making the difference I kind of wish CELL and STEAMBOAT would adopt it...I'm hanging out for their next seasons.
    I'd definitely advise those sitting on the fence about VENICE 2 to hesitate no more... 1st 2 episodes alone have been a good return on my money as far as I'm concerned.


    Good drama,storylines,cliifhangers,
    great acting. It's all that a good soap should be and what is lacking in daytime soaps. Some soaps *coughs* DOOL really need to take notice of what good writing consist of. Crystal and Kimmy thank you for all that you do : ) I will make sure that I set aside my $9.99 every season