Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Soap World Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the fabulous Rachael Hip-Flores from ANYONE BUT ME, along with Matt Dallas, Jonathan Sharp, Carrie Fisher and several others.

Everett McGill (ex-Ed, TWIN PEAKS; ex-Chad, GUIDING LIGHT) - 65
Patti Davis (ex-Marissa, RITUALS; ex-Marla, THE EDGE OF NIGHT) - 58
Jim Fitzpatrick (ex-Sound Department, MAD MEN; MELROSE PLACE; BUFFY; MODELS INC.; BEVERLY HILLS, 90210) - 58
Carrie Fisher (ex-Madison, JACK & BOBBY) - 54
Jonathan Sharp (ex-Sergei, ANOTHER WORLD) - 39
Michael McMillian (Steve, TRUE BLOOD) - 32
Matt Dallas (ex-Kyle, KYLE XY) - 28
Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian, ANYONE BUT ME)

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