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Canadian perspective: Why do British soaps endure?
The Globe and Mail's John Doyle writes: "These shows are popular in Britain because, to some extent, a class divide still exists there. Their popularity in Canada suggests that a similar class divide exists here. In the United States, it is vitally important to believe that no class divide exists at all, even if it obviously does. The Brit soaps are wildly popular escapism only in places where people can describe themselves as working-class without hesitation. Thus, they go on and on."

Orland Park Arts Commission Presents DARK SHADOWS Film Festival
“People who grew up in the 60s and 70s will enjoy this event, as will those who have discovered DARK SHADOWS since it went off the air,” said Village Trustee Kathy Fenton, chair of the village’s Special Events and Community Outreach Committee.

Recession prompts re-evaluation of television capitalism
The recession appears to have prompted a re-evaluation of television with many scripted series breaking with a long strain of tradition by casting ambition as something healthy, positive, redemptive and even honorable, and its absence an agent of ostentatious humiliation.

NBC's 10 p.m. shows drawing lower numbers than Jay Leno
Based on Live+same day ratings for Monday-Thursday, which include live viewing and same-night DVR viewing, as well as fast nationals for Friday, NBC is averaging a 1.595 rating among adults 18-49 at 10 p.m. this week. A year ago, THE JAY LENO SHOW averaged a 1.642 for the same week in Live+same day.

Critics underwhelmed by THE TALK
The Washington Post's Tom Shales said: "The premiere seemed about as 'real' as Joan Rivers's face. Maybe the panelists will become more 'real' and the topics for discussion will be truly heavier as the days and weeks go on. They'd better get heavier, because any lighter and the images will vanish into vapor before they ever make it down the cable and into your house."

Deidre Hall's '80s drama OUR HOUSE debuts on Inspiration Network
The show will air Monday-Friday at 7 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET. INSP is available in more than 60 million homes across the US on more than 2,800 cable systems and on DIRECTV channel 364 and DISH Network channel 259.

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  1. RE NBC's 10pm lineup: could it be that loyal 10pm NBC viewers who wanted drama in that time slot went to CBS & ABC and got hooked on their shows? Other than Parenthood, which I couldn't even tell you what night it is on, I can't think of another 10pm NBC show. But they're probably all legal/cop dramas, which viewers found on CBS & ABC during the Leno debacle and are now loyal to them.
    If NBC wanted to attract viewers, they could go with a smart, edgy sci-fi drama in the 10pm slot to attract FOX's viewers who don't want local news at 10pm. Or how about a lavish, escapist soap?
    As much as I enjoy Desperate Housewives, I yearn for the good old days of Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Flamingo Road.
    NBC should look at its sister network Bravo's Real Housewives to see that people love watching bigger than life rich women bickering and stabbing each other in the back.
    Which, after reading the review of the first day of The Talk, is why that show (which I will never watch) is probably not going to resonate with viewers. I wouldn't want to see Sharon Osborne being bland and toned down. They need to out-spice The View, not out-nice it.