Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eric Sheffer Stevens Update

We've received a number of inquiries about what former AS THE WORLD TURNS actor Eric Sheffer Stevens (Dr. Reid Oliver) has been doing since the soap stop taping in June. WE LOVE SOAPS TV has the answers! Sheffer Stevens calls himself "happily busy" and adds he's working on "all great projects that have been a lot of fun."

He shot an indie film called Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty over 14 days in September in Brooklyn. He also taped a guest spot on BODY OF PROOF, Dana Delaney's new mid-season replacement show on ABC.

He's currently shooting a film right now by the same couple that did Open Water (about the divers that were left behind by their boat). Says Sheffer Stevens, "It's a horror genre film, three of us in a house...doesn't go well."

You may have spotted him on THE BIG C earlier this week as well.


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  2. Thanks for the update. Great to her he's working.

  3. Eric is a phenomenal actor. He deserves a career that's as awesome as he is. I'm hoping for very good things to come his way - and consequently ours!

  4. LOVE to hear this! Thank you! I will look for him in all of these things : )

  5. I watched The Big C only because Eric Sheffer Stevens was on it, now i am anxiously waiting to see Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty & the horror movie he is working on now. I will keep checking to see when Body of Evidence will air when he's the guest star. (He needs to be a regular on something). Eric Sheffer Stevens is a very talented actor and not bad on the eyes i might add!!! "}

  6. Love to know he is working !!! I watched ATWT for 30 years and I never remember getting to know and love a character so quickly and then to have him die like that. I don't know why his death hit ATWT fans so hard and maybe it was connected to the "death" of the show BUT I really enjoyed Eric's acting, the character of Reid, the love storyline, and I cried like a baby when he got killed.
    Still have those episodes on the DVR. Quite a talent and a handsome man.