Thursday, October 21, 2010

NEWS: B&B Promo, Terri Colombino, Ronn Moss, DYNASTY

B&B commercial claims on October 28 Daytime Television will go where it's never gone before
Brooke in the preview: "Sometimes when we least expect it, something happens and makes us stop and take stock of our lives. We look back on what we've done. And you can't help but wonder, what's next?"

B&B's Ronn Moss loves Australia
"The people all seem to have a no bullshit attitude about life and friendship. If I went there and had my own 'holier than thou' attitude, they would have just said 'get the hell out of here with all that.' I'm not at all like that. I love a good laugh, I love a good bevy, and I don't take myself that seriously."

Terri Colombino spoils her first OLTL scene as Aubrey
"I love Gina! I did my very first scenes with her. Kelly and Aubrey meet on the plane and start chatting it up, girlfriend-style. Kelly says there's this guy in her life she's finally realized is her true love and she's going to tell him. And Aubrey talks about her man and how she's going to Llanview to see him. Neither ever mentions the name Joey — but of course they're both talking about the same guy!"

Fascination With Reality TV Could be Genetic
"Reality shows may appeal to something reptile in our brain," says Bob Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University. "Human beings around the world tend toward voyeurism."

Digital Hotlist 2010
1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Foursquare 4. Huffington Post 5. iPad.

VH1 Picks Up Queen Latifah's Scripted Soap Opera‎
The Queen Latifah-produced movie SINGLE LADIES has been picked up by VH1 and expanded into a weekly television series.

DYNASTY Season Five DVD will be out March 2011
CBS is also looking into releasing THE COLBYS.

Iain Rocks On With “Utterly Pointless” Website
Iain Haywood, who gained a law degree from Durham University in 2008, has won a cult following with his website – which chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of characters played by pieces of rock.

Chiller Puts The Fun In Scared
Network rebrand seeks to broaden appeal, adding shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

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