Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anthony Geary's "Into The Woods" Opens Friday

From the shadows of a giant warehouse in a brand-new Downtown LA art/performance complex, renown director Calvin Remsberg and critically acclaimed theater company Lucid by Proxy will bring Los Angeles a darker, uncluttered interpretation of Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine's classic Broadway musical, "Into the Woods." Among the cast is Emmy winner Anthony Geary, who was voted the Greatest Soap Actor of All-Time earlier this year by a panel of critics assembled by WE LOVE SOAPS TV. The show opens this Friday and Geary will be playing the Narrator / Mysterious Man.

The musical is the story of a baker and his wife, a curious young girl, a downtrodden daughter of a broken home, a simple boy who loves his cow, and the witch next door, and what happens after all their wishes come true and Real Life sets in.

Stripped of much of its typical sunny storybook trappings, Remsberg and LbP's "Into the Woods" is a simpler affair, which makes use of the foreboding environment, concert-style lighting and modest costumes to tell its complex, intertwined story of life after "happily ever after."

“Into the Woods” is Lucid by Proxy’s 17th production since the group's creation in 2000, and will be the group's official 10th Anniversary production. It is directed by Calvin Remsberg.

"Into the Woods" opens Friday, October 22, and runs through Saturday, November 20. For tickets and more information visit

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