Monday, September 13, 2010

Pinson, Ehlers, Coleman Lead Growing Cast of RIVER RIDGE

The producers of the highly anticipated new drama series RIVER RIDGE have filled their growing cast with a list of well-known soap names and promising newcomers. The cast includes Signy Coleman, Shannon Sturges, Julie Pinson, Beth Ehlers, Danielle DiLorenzo, Matt McAbee, Michael Robert Young, Matthew Daniell, Danielle DiLorenzo, Michael Robert Young and Frank DiCopoulos.

Here's a summary of the characters announced so far:

Kimberly Reeves (Julie Pinson) - A musician who was born and raised in the small east coast town, but abandoned her roots to pursue her dreams. The journey of a dreamer however is not without sacrifice and her return to River Ridge begins the quest for resolve.

Brad and Kenzie (Michael Robert Young & Danielle DiLorenzo) - Creator and Executive Producer Tyler Ford hinted that the couple will have a rocky road. "I think Kenzie and Brad are tragic. Love sometimes unfortunately strips us of our identities."

Matt McAbee (Avery Reeves) - High school senior and star athlete.

The show is written and directed by Tyler Ford. Ford and Hannah Michel are the executive producers. Signy Coleman will have an associate producer title as well as starring on the show.

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  1. Neither this post or their website specifically says this is a web-series, but I'm guessing that's what it is, correct?
    Excited by the cast list!

  2. I am looking forward to this series and seeing Julie Pinson, Beth Ehlers, Frank D, and Hudson Leick.