NEWS: Werner Michel, Marcil Giovinazzo, Michael Park, Penny

Werner Michel has died at age 100
In the 1940s, he began his career in U.S. television producing news shows for the CBS network, and went on to produce THE EDGE OF NIGHT.

After a stint at Kenyon & Eckhardt, he moved to the fledgling DuMont Network to oversee programming. When that venture failed, he moved to help Procter & Gamble create a new soap opera. P&G had told one of its agencies, Benton & Bowles, to take the radio show "Perry Mason" and make it into a TV soap, Mr. Michel recalled in the 1997 Ad Age piece, but TV rights had already been sold to CBS. So, he recounted, "We holed up in a hotel room and created THE EDGE OF NIGHT in four weeks."

Michael Park on the end of AS THE WORLD TURNS
"Personally, I knew the show was going to be canceled when GUIDING LIGHT was gone," he says. "We didn't 'know know,' but we knew the show was in its last stages. I remember thinking, 'It's over,' and Maura saying, "Michael, what's wrong? We're still making shows,' and I said, 'Yeah, but for how long?' "

Sydney Penny campaigning for Conservative/Republican Congressional candidate Michael Grimm
Grimm is running for the G.O.P nomination against Michael Allegretti for a Congressional seat held by Democrat Michael McMahon. Continues the Grimm campaign: "Sydney Penny is crossing the traditionally liberal Hollywood elite by expressing her political views for true conservative values. Sydney appeared last night on Fox News with Hannity."

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo will be appearing on the talk show THE DOCTORS on Friday, Sept. 17
She will be participating in the show's very first "Motherhood Survival Club," where a rotating panel of celebrity moms will gather to discuss the latest trends, challenges and vital information that moms need to know.

James Franco mentions GENERAL HOSPITAL in new Advocate interview
"You want to know what my agents did try to talk me out of? GENERAL HOSPITAL. They didn't think me acting in a soap opera was the greatest idea. But they know that I've always wanted to do a movie about the Beats, so no one tried to stop me from playing Allen Ginsberg."

Thorsten Kaye returning to ALL MY CHILDREN on October 22
Kaye's highly anticipated return to AMC as Zach Slater has been scheduled for October 22. "I can't wait to do more scenes with him!" chirps his on-screen wife, Alicia Minshew (Kendall). "I don't know what they have in store for us, but I know it's going to be fun."

Syfy Moves Up CAPRICA Season 2 Premiere
CAPRICA's second season will officially get under way October 5th.

Soap opera stars ready to strut the boards in Sharjah
"Ajeeb Ghareeb" will run for seven nights from 9 p.m. at the Sharjah Cultural Palace. A dozen actors on the soap, which is broadcast every night after maghrib prayers on Dubai TV, have spent the last week rehearsing from midnight to 5 a.m. – the optimal time to do so during Ramadan.

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