Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEWS: Michael Sabatino, Charlotte Ross, Franco, Stuart Damon

Michael Sabatino making a brief return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Per Soap Opera Digest, Sabatino, who played the deliciously wicked Lawrence Alamain — is returning soon — albeit briefly. "There's a hallucination, because of Vivian being in the sarcophagus," says Sabatino. Thinking the end is near, Vivian will conjure up her dead nephew for a chat.

Charlotte Ross recommends daytime soaps for young actors
"Since I started rather young, I would say DAYS OF OUR LIVES was kind of like college for me. I was on the soap for 4 years and definitely learned a lot. Then luckily - I moved on or I guess you could say 'graduated' - to primetime after they were nice enough to release me from my contract. I have nothing but awesome memories from my years there and, yes, doing 30 to 40 pages of dialogue a day was wonderful training! I highly recommend this route to new and young actors."

Stuart Damon on using celebrity in his real estate career
Damon, 73, is realistic about the limits of celebrity to move real estate. "People are very smart. It may be an opening of a door, but they are interested in selling the house or buying the property. It's who is going to do the best job."

James Franco to Write, Direct and Star in The Adderall Diaries
Franco has bought the rights to Stephen Elliot's memoir, "The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir of Moods, Maso-chism and Murder."

Top 10 Most Watched Web Series, August 2010
Comedy continues to dominate the list.

Turkish Television Dramas Breaking Taboos While Conveying Conservative Messages
Homosexuality and sexual violence on prime time Turkish television: there is a lot of shocking stuff being broadcast in Turkey these days. And Turkish conservatives are horrified. Look past the glitzy surface of these television dramas, some say, and the underlying message the shows convey is often deeply conservative.

Anderson Cooper Coming to Daytime
Cooper has finalized a deal to host a syndicated daytime talk show set to launch in fall 2011, and at the same time, has extended his contract with CNN.

NBC remaking THE MUNSTERS with Bryan Fuller
The "Pushing Daisies" mastermind is teaming with the Peacock (and, possibly, Guillermo del Toro) on an updated versions of the 1960s classic.

U.S. Senate votes to ban loud TV commercials
Those annoyingly loud TV ads will become history, after the Senate followed the House of Representatives in banning volume-raising ads.

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