NEWS: Lauren Graham, HBO, Eileen Fulton, Stuart Damon

Y&R's Julia Pace Mitchell to speak at Louisiana NAACP
Mitchell will speak at the Freedom Fund Banquet on Sept. 18 at Lone-Wa Missionary Baptist Church in Monroe.

A soap opera life for Beverly Hills realtor Stuart Damon
"What I tried to do as an actor is I tried to make the character as complete as possible," Damon said. "I wanted to make sure that this character had an edge, that he wasn't Mr. Good Guy or Mr. Bad Guy -- he wasn't back or white, he was gray. I wanted to make him someone you didn't mess with."

Eileen Fulton Says Farewell to AS THE WORLD TURNS
"I was the prodigal kid. I was always mad at the show. I got mad at the writers. I asked Chris Goutman several years ago to please either kill Lisa off or let her marry a prince and move away. He wouldn't do it. I don't like it when we play down to the audience. I have a fit! And I didn't like it when decisions started being made by focus groups. I called them 'f--k-us' groups, because they really do a number on us."

HBO subscribers dwindling
HBO had 28.6 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2010, according to newly released numbers from SNL Kagan, its lowest total in four years and the second of its first back-to-back quarterly declines in at least six years.

Are Films Bad, or Is TV Just Better?
As DVD sales sink, and the best minds in the movie industry try to figure out how to take advantage of video on demand, Internet streaming and other forms of digital distribution, the business climate seems grimmer than ever.

Lauren Graham Confirms GILMORE GIRLS Movie Might Happen
In addition to her recent interview and photoshoot with Redbook, Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore on GILMORE GIRLS) spoke with Vanity Fair about a number of topics, including the potential of a Gilmore Girls movie - which, she finally admits, has real potential.

NEIGHBOURS to get more adult rating?
The Australian soap opera, which is currently limited to G-rated storylines on Channel Ten, is scheduled to move to new digital channel Eleven later this year. According to classification guidelines, digital channels are "more flexible" on program content, which could result in NEIGHBOURS getting a PG rating like rival soap HOME AND AWAY.

U.S. ad spend rises 5.7% in first half of 2010 to $63.6 billion
Despite continued concerns about the U.S. economy, advertising spending, driven by strength in the TV market, continues to exceed year-ago levels.

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