Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEWS: Chris Colfer, LOST #1, No More Mc-names, Ziering

Rolling Stone Puts GLEE's Chris Colfer in a Hairy Situation
The visually arresting photo above of 20-year-old actor Chris Colfer in his teenage Kurt Hummel persona is sure to raise some eyebrows. Particularly since it situates the 16-year old character in a leather gay bar drinking what appears to be an appletini and surrounded by much older admirers.

Ian Ziering Was Hoping for a Cast Reunion on 90210 Day
"About six or seven months ago, I had my entire cast together," he says. "I wanted to put together a reunion special to run on this day and the CW dropped the ball."

No more "Mc-names" on GREY'S ANATOMY per Shonda Rhimes
"The era of Mc-names is over."

LOST Season 6 set tops sales, Blu-ray charts
The celebrated TV show's sixth and final season debuted as the top-selling DVD and Blu-ray Disc release the week ending Aug. 29, despite a price tag three times higher than the average new movie.

TRUE BLOOD Spoiler Alert: Find Out Who'll Be Back for Season Four
E!Online has the scoop.

Ty Treadway spends more than just days of his life in Frisco
“When we came here and saw what you could get for your money, everything just kind of made sense,” Ty said. “It’s the best housing market in America, doing better economically than the rest of the country.”

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