Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Jean LeClerc

Picture, if you will, an era in which daytime television made an abundance of money, actors were hired more for talent than looks, and time and energy were channeled into fostering complex character developments and intelligent writing.  Jean LeClerc was one of the profiteers and then one of the casualties of this special era of the 1980's in which daytime thrived on quality and integrity.  Please join me for this special interview from April, 2010, as he discussed his role in Montreal in "The Madonna Painter," and then recalled his highs and lows on ABC daytime between 1985-1995.     

Part One - The multifaceted actor discussed his role in the fascinating play "The Madonna Painter", his history of performing on Broadway, his early history on soaps, and how the beloved role of Jeremy Hunter on ALL MY CHILDREN came to him.

Part Two - Mr. LeClerc shared the highs and lows of Jeremy's travels to Corinth on LOVING, why he never returned to Pine Valley, the current state of ALL MY CHILDREN, and remembered working with the late James Mitchell.

Part Three - He shared more insights into the power of daytime television to connect and uplift, as well as aspects of being featured on the cover of Playgirl in 1989. 

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