CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: The Sullivan Sisters

Widow Jennifer Ryan arrived in Oakdale in 1971 (as played by Geraldine Court originally, and subsequently by Gillian Spencer) with children Barbara and Rick in tow. She ultimately married Bob Hughes, who was a friend of her late husband.

Her sister Kim (forever and always the magnificent Kathryn Hays) followed her to town in 1972 and also fell in love with and had a fling with Bob while he was married to Jen.

Jen and Kim both became pregnant by Bob, and while Jen gave birth to Frannie, Kim lost her baby, or so we thought on AS THE WORLD TURNS until 1987, when it was revealed that Kim's baby was not stillborn, but, rather, was taken from her and Bob and had been raised as Sabrina Fullerton.

Poor Jennifer died in 1975, but it was not until 1985 that Bob and Kim (after each had been married to others) finally tied the knot.


  1. I loved the chemistry of Gillian & Kathy, & I totally believed in them as sisters! :-)

  2. Is it Geraldine or Gillian as Jennifer in those pictures? Or is it Geraldine in one and Gillian in the other?