Thursday, September 16, 2010

CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: Kim and Nick

Following Dan's death, Kim was wooed by and eventually married hot headed Nick Andropolous, who opened at a Greek restaurant in Oakdale called "The Plaka." Nick was played by Michael Forest, who worked opposite Kathryn Hays. After two years, Nick died of a heart attack.

Nick's brother Steve followed him to town, and some AS THE WORLD TURNS magic ensued when Steve was paired with Betsy, Kim's stepdaughter. When Lindsay Frost replaced Meg Ryan as Betsy, the magic seemed to fizzle and both Steve and Betsy were gone before the end of the 1980s, never to return as ongoing characters.

Given her strong links to Kim, Craig and Emily, it seemed to me that the character of Betsy easily could have been brought back into the story at anytime, and I could never understand why we never saw her again. Ditto for the long absent Frannie Hughes and Andy Dixon. What other important characters could, and should, have been brought back into the story at some point?


  1. Bad period for ATWT. Hated Nick and that entire storyline. What a waste of time. ATWT got very good when Nick died, Steve and Betsy pairing up, Bob & Kim marrying, and the arrival of Doug Marland. Who knew at the end, I'd wish for a Nick Androplous type of storyline, centerning on vets like Kim.

  2. I wasn't too fond of the character of Nick or the story. The Greece remote was really pretty, but watching Kim perform dance poses wasn't exactly a way to drive story.

    What I did like, or actually love, was the way Nick set up the love story of Betsy and Steve. Nick, as he died, made Betsy promise to stay away from Steve (or maybe he made Steve promise) --- I thought was pretty brilliant. I also was shocked that Nick really died (no spoilers in the early 1980s)

    Russell's comment about veteran characters is pretty funny. I agree with him about wanting more Kim/Bob, etc. these past few years. The irony, to me, is that when this story was happening there were probably tons of fans who felt alienated and wanted to see more of 'their' vets like Nancy and Chris.

  3. Both Andropolous brothers were a pair of pig-headed, breast-beating cavemen! :-)