Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: 1970 Cast Shot

Here is a 1970 AS THE WORLD TURNS cast shot featuring the Hughes and Stewart families:

William Johnston (Judge Lowell), Patricia Bruder (Ellen), Henderson Forsythe (David), Jane House (Liz), Dean Santoro (Paul), Helen Wagner (Nancy), Ethel Remey (Alma), Don MacLaughlin (Chris), Santos Ortega (Grandpa), Don Hastings (Bob), Eileen Fulton (Lisa) and Peter Galman (Tom). Not sure who the child actors are, but I am guessing that the girls would have been playing Annie, Dee and/or Betsy Stewart, and the little boy would be Chuckie Shea.


  1. Again, I thank everyone involved for posting these classic photos of ATWT!

  2. I remember Peter Galman as Tom during this period! :-)