Monday, September 6, 2010

Nelson Aspen Features Soap Alumni In Julie Andrews Interview

We Love Soaps friend Nelson Aspen recently interviewed one his special celebrity pals, Julie Andrews, about her voice-over work in the animated film Despicable Me.  As a special gift to the delightful Dame, he gifted her with a Faberge-inspired ostrich egg --hand designed & painted by Christopher Durham, known to soap fans for his roles on RYAN'S HOPE, CAPITOL, and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

See more of Durham's artwork at and some of his misadventures with Nelson at  Watch Nelson's recent Where Are They Now Tour interview with the esteemed soap alumni Durham by pressing here.

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  1. Thankyou Nelson for putting this video on Twitter. The very first time I went into the city with my Nanna, was on the train to see Mary Poppins. Then later, The Sound Of Music. Still love these movies and have watched them both amny times. Love Lynne xxx