Monday, August 30, 2010

Victoria Rowell versus Kristoff St. John & Darius McCrary

Former THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Victoria Rowell called into Jamie Foxx's "The Foxxhole" radio program on Sirius Radio on Friday where Kristoff St. John and Darius McCrary were appearing. She revealed several backstage tidbits much like the ones she shares regularly on her Twitter account. Watch what happened below.


  1. here's your love for Victoria Rowell by encouraging her to seek the professional help she so clearly needs

  2. To hear that Kristoff St. John is being paid less than white actors of less tenure is upsetting. Rowell has major valid points, but what it comes down to is the way she makes those points, with no class or integrity.

  3. I find it funny that people are attacking Rowell. It wasn't a case of Rowell versus St. John or McCrary.

    Listen to the interview again. Rowell explained that black actors on Y&R are paid 50% less than their white counterparts. St. John admitted that. Furthermore, St. John explained that when he spoke out for Rowell, Y&R and Sony management pushed him off canvas for 4 months.

    Moreover, if you listen to Darius McCrary, he comes off as buffoonish, calling Paul Rauch his "nigga." Please. That's tacky and gross.

    Rowell and St. John also both explain that in the almost 40 year history of Y&R, there has never been a black writer, director, or producer. Never. It's appalling.

    St. John also explained that he has been without a storyline for 3 years.

    It's doubtful that Rowell will return to Y&R, but what is surprising is that people are dismissing the obvious double standard at play. Eric Braeden went to every major soap and mainstream media outlet and blasted Sony & Y&R. He went on national television to complain.

    But what resulted? Braeden got his job and front burner storyline.

    How does the compare to how black actors on Y&R are treated? VR is black balled and St. John sees a loss of 4 months of income.

    Something is not right at Y&R/Sony.

    Listen to VR's issues. She wanted a chance to direct or write scripts. Everyone knows that in daytime and primetime, long tenured actors get this opportunity. Susan Flannery of B&B directs. Lots of soap actors became directors and writers. She was denied the chance.

    A cast member ran around set in an afro wig mocking her. Another cast member spat on her. It adds up. She's upset about the double standards.

    Why should she be?

    The people at Y&R and Sony are not nice people. After a certain point, Rowell had to play hard ball just like her counterparts in the executive suite.

  4. I find it interesting as a Black man in America that even as black people we freely participate in blaming the victims of white supremacy for the actions that have been committed against them. Victoria has been a tireless advocate for young women and men of color in her personal life and as a television personality! When I started watching The Young and The Restless, I was 12 years old ( I am now 49 years old), there were no black people on TV in positive roles. Everyday my mother and my aunt would watch the show and everybody who knew my mother, also knew that the world stopped when "My soap is on." The Drucilla character played by Victoria Rowell was my mother's favorite daytime soap character because of her strength, her honesty and her relentless self-sacrifice and self-determination. These are the very characteristics that embued my mothers legacy as a STRONG BLACK WOMAN and the reason that her life was at times a battlefield with an army of one against an enemy numbered beyond her horizon. It hurts even more when the enemy is "US." Why, because we know hot to get the closest to the target don't WE? What Victoria Rowell is attempting to do with her life and her advocacy is to create justice in an unjust industry that is subsidized on the back of black folk like you ( yes all a yall ) who just want a break from the day to day stress ( much which research has confirmed is induced by racism, sexism and classism) in our lives. It is not even a legacy that will bear out fruit that her own offspring would otherwise not receive, since she is quite capable of securing a safe and fertile future for her own is about some bigger...some larger than the black is about what is right!

    Rather than make comments like she "clearly needs help" ask how can we help? Together it takes so little to acheive so much...but takes a lot to achieve a little. So to all you beautiful BLACK people who have listened to the interview on THE FOXX HOLE and to those who have is the link, simply do your make the television networks wake up! I would much rather have Victoria Rowell than young Miss Montana getting airtime as a representation of what it means to be young, gifted, and black in America today! So my Niggas...if you really want to show you care:

    1. Turn off your television when CBS and SOAPNET air the Young and The Restless.

    2. Post your discontent on the same Soapnet boards that you follow to find out who is gonna sleep with who next on your favorite soap sites.

    3. Ask your local churches, community centers, and political officials to l write letters to the local CBS station affiliates in protest of the poor quality of representation of people of color demand that they create in responsible and uplifting roles on daytime television roles approved by us.

    4. Write Victoria Rowell a letter to let her know that you appreciate her for leading this issue.

    5. Read a book written by a black, hispanic, or other person of color. Only go to movies written by and produced by people of color. Only buy magazines owned by black people...and you will soon see how hard it is to do that in this Post Race Obamanation!

    Sony is a Japanese owned corporation and you know how they feel about black folk!