Monday, August 30, 2010

Support THE BAY!

To all the WE LOVE SOAPS TV viewers:

You have read the interviews with Mary Beth Evans and Lane Davies, Matthew Ashford, and are looking forward to our talk with Nicolas Coster.  You are upset about the end of AS THE WORLD TURNS and want to see soaps grow and thrive, instead of facing a cancellation notice every year. 

The good news about the internet and new web series are their ability to tell new and compelling stories with actors you love, and no network interference. But in order to sustain these efforts, it more necessary than ever to show support so they can sustain the creativity and talent that makes the work possible.

THE BAY has started a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for an explosive season finale.  They have so far raised $10,485 but need $4515 to make it to the goal of $15,000 by September 5th.  Please consider making a donation of ANY amount to make this possible.  If everyone reading this donated one dollar, they would have no problem making their goal.  Click here to read Matthew Ashford's thoughts about why Indie Soaps and are so important at this time.

So if you have ever been touched by the work Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS), Tristan Rogers (Scorpio, GH), Lilly Melgar (Lily, GH), Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS), Charles Shaughnessy (Shane, DAYS), Nicolas Coster & Lane Davies (Lionel & Mason, SB), Jackie Zeman (Bobbie, GH), Lesli Kay (Molly, ATWT), Matthew Borlenghi (Ziggy, B&B), Matthew Ashford (Jack, DAYS) and many others, then click here and help THE BAY make their goal.


  1. Donation made! I'm really looking forward to this series!

  2. Thank you Marc! It's great that you are willing to support the actors and shows that have contributed to your life. Thanks again!