Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEWS: NOOR, Texas, Slattery, Davidson, GLEE Clothing Line

Are You Shoulding All Over Yourself?
Kristen Mucci-Mosier writes: "I should be more outgoing. I should meditate more. I should cook more. I should clean more often. I should make more money. I should dress better. I should be a better wife, friend, mother, daughter….and the list goes on.

"Do some of these phrases sound familiar to you? Damon Jacobs, author of 'Absolutely Should-Less' and psychotherapist at Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family therapy of New York, says, 'If women spent as much time counting their negative thoughts as they do their calories, then they would live much happier and healthier lives.' How true!"

Turkish soap opera NOOR brings tourist boom to Istanbul
With its glamorous cast and extreme plotlines, NOOR has become a phenomenon across the Middle East, sparking a tourism boom to Turkey that drew 105,000 visitors from Arab countries in May alone this year – an increase of about 33% on last year. First airing on the Saudi MBC satellite channel in early 2008, its final episode was seen by nearly 80 million viewers from Palestine to Morocco.

Texas, as seen on TV, can't escape stereotypes
Judging by the comments from actors and producers at the recent summer press tour for broadcast and cable networks, all those stereotypes about Texas -- let's call them Texastypes -- are firmly fixed. So far, Hollywood's growing familiarity with Dallas may not be breeding contempt, but it's also not breeding anything that locals would recognize as familiarity.

John Slattery on Directing His First Episode of MAD MEN
"You are incredibly well supported. Chris Manley, the DP [Director of Photography] is amazing and so is the crew."

BROTHERS & SISTERS' Kitty rebounds with ARMY WIVES hubby
Jeremy Davidson is joining the ABC drama for a multi-episode arc as Kitty’s (Calista Flockhart) first significant love interest since the death of husband Robert (Rob Lowe). The two will meet in Ojai, which is where Kitty has been holed up during her year of transition.

GLEE clothing line to be sold in Macy's
The fashion line, which will be available exclusively at Macy's starting Sunday, features T-shirts, fashion tops and hoodies priced from $19.99-$34.99. There's even a copy of a Cheerio uniform top for the ultimate Sue Sylvester idolizer.

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