NEWS: Luke Kleintank, End of ATWT, Actor Foils Robbery

Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE Villain Helps Foil Real-Life Bank Robbery
As a local resident known as HM was sitting in his car at 71st Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue, a man ran into his car, bounced off the vehicle and ran down the street. HM followed the running man into a bar, seeking to berate him for the car-pedestrian collision. The car collider saw he was being pursued, ran out of the bar and dashed between some houses. HM then heard sirens and saw police cars and realized that the man who ran into his car could have been running from the police. HM spotted two police officers sitting in a NYPD Traffic Control patrol car, told them that he had seen the man that they might be looking for and pointed to where the suspicious individual had gone. HM was a regular on ONE LIFE TO LIVE–where he played a criminal. “I was sent to prison,” he explained the plot device for his being written off the soap opera.

Kleintank cast as new Noah on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Luke Kleintank, who recently appeared on GOSSIP GIRL as Elliot, has been cast as Nick and Sharon's son. The role was last played by Kevin Schmidt. Noah first appears on September 21.

SPOILER ALERT: How ATWT Will Say Goodbye
"We're trying to bring a 54-year-old show to a satisfactory and emotional wrap-up and to call it difficult would be the understatement of the century," says Goutman. "The loss of this show is tremendous - not just to those of us who make it and for the fans who love it, but for the entire daytime drama industry. Right to the end we will put out the message that life goes on. Long after ATWT is off the air, we want our characters to still be living their lives in the imaginations of the viewers."

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  1. Why should a show such as ATWT have to end after 54 years? I belong to a group that is working hard to save the show and the soap opera as a genre. Want to know more? Go to our facebook page Save Our Soaps 2010