NEWS: DVRs, J.R. Martinez, Kyle Riabko, Andrea Marcovicci

Broadway "Hair" alum Kyle Riabko joining "90210" as a regular's Ausiello Files reports that Hair alum Kyle Riabko has been cast as the newest member of the CW's 90210. Riabko will be a regular in the series third season, which premieres on Monday, September 13, 2010. According to the report, Riabko's storyline involves being the love interest of either Liam (Matt Lanter), Navid (Michael Steger) or Teddy (Trevor Donovan), who will come out as gay.

STUDY: Most DVR users are between 50 and 65 years old
There's a perception that DVR users are generally a young bunch, in their 20s and 30s, and that's why the median age for time-shifted viewing is a decade younger than the live viewing age. But actually the heaviest DVR users are ages 50-64. Thus it's more a case of who's not time-shifting that accounts for the lower median age. People over age 65 do very little time-shifting, but they do a lot of live TV watching, and so time-shifted viewership tends to be younger because it does not have that group pushing the median age up. That's just one of the observations in the latest median age report by veteran researcher Steve Sternberg, written for Baseline, a New York Times company.

Walt Willey balances soaps and stand-up
Willey will also be performing Aug. 12 at Zanies in Chicago and Aug. 14 at Zanies in St. Charles. He said he doesn't tell jokes, he tells stories that are "pretty much" based on truth.

"It's that outlook that allowed me to get through some very good things and some very bad things with a smile on my face."

Andrea Marcovicci to appear on GENERAL HOSPITAL
Her character, Sophia, appearing September 3, will be involved with the characters of Sonny and Brenda, played by Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil Giovinozza, who returned to the series this week.

J.R. Martinez: New Face of Wounded Warrior "Virtual Rehab" Program
Martinez has signed on to be the spokesperson of “Rehabbing with the Troops,” a virtual rehabilitation program sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance in which warriors wounded in combat work out via webcam with professional athletes using a Nintendo Wii.

A look back at the classic series.

NBC Daytime’s Assault
For the past few years, the NBC local stations have been largely out of the daytime game, with only Warner Bros.’ ELLEN driving any sort of rating in the sunlit hours once the TODAY show signed off. The group hopes to change that with this season’s launch of three new shows: Sony’s THE NATE BERKUS SHOW, an OPRAH spinoff; NBC Universal’s off-Bravo THE REAL HOUSEWIVES, which has been a big hit for Bravo; and ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE, which aims to bring viewers all the day’s news from Hollywood in a fresh format. NATE and REAL HOUSEWIVES will air on all 10 NBC owned stations, while ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVEwill air in a limited test on six NBC owned stations and six Fox O&Os.

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