Thursday, August 26, 2010

James Rebhorn Returning to AS THE WORLD TURNS

In a strange bit of casting news, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that James Rebhorn is returning to AS THE WORLD TURNS on September 8 and 9 before the show goes off the air. The twist is that he's not going to be playing his memorable character from the past, Henry Lange. Instead he is coming on as Reid's estranged Uncle Angus. It isn't uncommon for soaps to bring back a memorable actor in a new role, but some work better than others - Jordan Clarke returning to GUIDING LIGHT as Billy Lewis comes to mind.

What actor who returned to a soap years later as a new character was your favorite?


  1. I remember seeing John Considine as 2 characters on Another World:

    Vic Hastings (1974-1976), &
    Reginald Love (1986-1988).

    Nicolas Coster played 2 characters on ATWT:

    John Eldridge (Lisa's second husband on Our Private World in 1965 & on ATWT in 1966),
    & Eduardo Grimadi (1993-1995--Lisa's sixth husband).

    The late Larry Gates (1915-1996) played 2 characters on Guiding Light:

    Ira Newton (1970-1973--a prosecuting attorney who went against Mike Bauer in courtroom trials),
    & H.B. Lewis (1983-1996--lovable millionaire oil company baron).

    Anthony Herrera played 2 characters on ATWT:

    Mark Galloway (1976--a temporary boyfriend for Dr. Susan Stewart),
    & James Stenbeck (1980-present).

  2. Don Chastain was an ATWT triple threat who played two separate characters over the years, Logan Andrews and the irascible pilot Cooley. But his longest stint was as a writer on the show in a similar vein to Courtney Simon who I believe had also played another character back in the 70's other than Dr. Lynn Michaels.

    Of course none of them have Linda Cook beat as she essayed at least four different roles over the years.

  3. Renee Jones returning to DAYS in 1993 as Lexie after playing Nikki in 1982. Upgrade!!

  4. Greeneb2 Jordan Clarke also played two characters on Guiding Light. He was a doctor years before he became Billy Lewis!

  5. actually, Don Chastain is also credited in the ATWT scrapbook as Chuck Ryan, Barbara's father.

    That makes three different roles and a writing credit?

  6. Hi, T L Smeltzer!

    You're right about Jordan Clarke! He played Dr. Tim Ryan on GL in the mid-1970s before debuting as Billy Lewis in 1983! :-)

  7. Oops!

    I misspelled Nicolas Coster's 2nd character's name. The name was Eduardo Grimaldi. Sorry About That! :-)