Monday, August 2, 2010

HOT STORIES: Lauren, Reid, Maggie, Franco, Todd, Angie

With a few notable exceptions, Monday was a pretty good day for soaps. There was something to enjoy on all the daytime shows which wasn't the case on a couple of days last week. Here are some of the hot stories from Monday.

CLOSER TO DADDY: Jill pushed Lauren too far on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS so Lauren pushed her back - into an empty grave.

LUKE/REID/WEDDING: The ridiculousness of Holden attempting to go to France and back in a matter of hours aside, the Luke and Reid portion of Monday's AS THE WORLD TURNS was pretty cute. And great to see Luke in a scene with his sister Abigail (Kristina Romero).

THE BATTLE FOR VICTOR: Maggie told Vivian to "bite me" on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. What a treat to see the fabulous Suzanne Rogers and Louise Sorel in a love triangle.

BOOK A SPECIAL MODEL: Franco's latest idea on GENERAL HOSPITAL involves Brenda Barrett.

YOU'RE NOT TODD MANNING: Roger Howarth photos were all the rage on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and Téa called off her wedding to Todd.

I'M LOSING MY SIGHT: Angie finally was forced to reveal to Jesse on ALL MY CHILDREN that was she losing her vision.

There are no good B&B clips on YouTube but if you're in the U.S., you can watch at Stephanie has fallen and she can't get up!


  1. Luke/Reid were absolutely wonderful on ATWT! Loved Reid and Molly too, as well as Reid and Abigail. Eric Sheffer Stevens has great chemistry with everyone!

  2. Luke and Reid were fantastic on Monday. Good to see them interacting with the craziness of Luke's family.