Monday, August 30, 2010

CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: Frankie Michaels

Frankie Michaels played young Tom Hughes on AS THE WORLD TURNS from 1964 to 1966. Fortunately for us, there exist several episodes of his wonderful performances as this troubled young man coping with a life of divorced parents, something of a rarity in the 1960s.

Concurrently with his soap role, Frankie originated the role of "Young Patrick" in the Broadway musical "Mame," capturing a Tony Award for his performance. To date, he remains the youngest performer ever (age 10) to win a Tony Award.

Although he largely dropped out of show business as he entered his teens, Frankie performed at a tribute to Angela Lansbury in early 2010 alongside one of his "Mame" co-stars (and former soap actor) Jerry Lanning. Check out a photo here.

Who has been your favorite Tom Hughes?


  1. Justin Deas was my favorite Tom Hughes. He and Margaret Colin were the Tom and Margo for me back when I first started watching ATWT.

  2. I've never watched a Tom I didn't like but Justin Deas was my favorite. It probably depends on how long you've watched and how many you've seen. Would love to see Richard Thomas in the role. Is there any remaining footage of him as Tom?

  3. Roger,

    I don't think any footage of Richard Thomas as Tom exists, unfortunately. I hope time proves me wrong.

  4. I really love (& have heavy crushes on) Gregg Marx (Tom #12) & Scott Holmes (Tom #13)! :-)

  5. I was like three when Justin was playing tom so i vaguely remember him in the role. I remember when he left and then some guy stepped in and then Gregg came aboard. but I think Scott is my favorite Tom. Lucky 13 for atwt and for scott he lasted the longest in the role.