Saturday, July 17, 2010

OLTL's Tika Sumpter Off Contract at OLTL as of July 30

ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress Tika Sumpter posted a message to her Facebook fan page on Friday night alterting fans that she would be off contract as Layla on the soap as of July 30th.

Hey everybody, it's Tika Sumpter here. I decided to do a video because I wanted it to be be a little more personal and I wanted to tell you guys myself what's going on. So as of July 30th, I will no longer be on contract. I will be reoccurring. So that means whenever ONE LIFE needs me to come and stop by and do whatever they need me to do I will be there. But I will no longer be on contract. And this was my choice. I decided this because it's just time to move on for me, and time to try other things, and it's just time.

You can watch the entire video message here.


  1. This is one small step for Tika, one more giant step away from diversity in Llanview.

  2. I'll miss Tika and am sad about how this will affect the Cris & Layla story. I wish her the best.

    Ditto what Damon said!