On Sale Now: eating alone's 'the long haul'

Before we launched our WE LOVE SOAPS TV web series, you may recall our "We Love Soaps Radio" weekly podcast. The theme song was composed by a fabulous Brooklyn-based band, eating alone. The band has a new album out today full of wonderful introspective and thought-provoking music. Check out the lyrics below and listen to the first single, 'and tonight, in this hotel room.' You can buy the album and major online retailers. Click here to find the links.

the long haul

1. the long haul (instrumental)
2. when i was a kid (lyrics)
3. you were never around (lyrics)
4. i thought if i had been better (lyrics)
5. you wouldn't have given me up (lyrics)
6. and i wouldn't have to pretend to forget about you (lyrics)
7. whoever you are (lyrics)
8. over the years, i've wondered where you've been (lyrics)
9. and tonight, in this hotel room (lyrics / mp3)
10. i wonder if i'll ever see you again (lyrics)
11. i sent this in a letter once (lyrics)
12. but it got to you too late (lyrics)
13. and came back crumpled, saying (lyrics)
14. person unknown, return to sender (lyrics)

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