Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NEWS: David Canary on CURB, Javier Bardem, Matt Ashford

David Canary will guest star on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM
According to G is reporting that longtime ALL MY CHILDREN David Canary will appear in an upcoming episode of Larry David's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. The show has been shooting on the streets of New York and will also include the fabulous Cheyenne Jackson.

GLEE lets Javier Bardem play a rock star
The Oscar winner pitched his role, in which he befriends Artie, to Ryan Murphy after working with the GLEE producer on Eat Pray Love.

Former DAYS star Matt Ashford compares Jack to 'Mamma Mia's' Bill
"My character on DAYS OF OUR LVIES, Jack Deveraux, is overly egotistical and ambitious and a commitment-phobe, and so for various reasons is Bill in 'Mamma Mia!'"

More viewers turn to Web to watch shows when they want, for free
“Cable was an alternative to broadcast TV,” Sony's Eric Berger said, “now it's the norm. That's where Web programming is going.”

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