Saturday, July 10, 2010

NEWS: Bierdz Song, Queen Vic, Hamm on Chandler, Nixon

MAD MEN's Jon Hamm happy about Kyle Chandler's Emmy nomination
"I can't believe it finally happened. I was so happy to see him and Connie [Britton] recognized because they've been doing it so long and so great. I wish them the moon! Kyle and I had small parts in The Day the Earth Stood Still so we had a lot of time to get to know each other. But I may have lost his phone number, so if he reads this—please call me!"

Agnes Nixon describes her current role at ALL MY CHILDREN
"The work keeps me as busy as I want to be. I read everything that is plotted and planned by the head writers. I have a conference call every Monday with the executive producer and senior vice president from ABC. We discuss each episode as it's outlined before it's put into script form, and for ideas for the future. I don't do any literal writing now. Well, sometimes."

Thom Bierdz has written a song about Phillip Chancellor not being able to find gay love on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
"There ain't no gay love on the number one soap.
It might offend old women and we know it does the pope.
There been twenty-thousand kisses on TV between the Newmans
and the Abbotts and the Chancellors who are straight -
Why can't a gay Chancellor have a date?"

Queen Vic pub burning down on EASTENDERS
Producer Bryan Kirkwood said barbara Windsor'S exit will be “both epic and poignant”, fuelling speculation that she’ll go up in flames along with the pub. There’s a more practical reason for destroying the iconic Queen Vic. Parts of the EASTENDERS set, including the pub, have to be rebuilt as part of the soap’s move to high definition. The old set won’t stand up to the scrutiny of the new cameras, which pick up every detail, every blemish.

Four more Hollyoaks cast members to leave the soap
John Pickard - brother of co-star Nick - will bow out as Dom Reilly, while actress Ashley Slanina Davies, who plays single mum Amy Barnes, is also leaving. Glen Wallace - aka Malachy Fisher - and Garnon Davies, who plays geeky Elliot Bevan, will also film their final scenes later this year.

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