Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HOT STORIES: Chloe, Hope, CarJack, Maxie, Damon, Layla

Monday was definitely not the most exciting day in daytime soap history but there were a few good moments that stood out.

BAM: Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) went off on Heather on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS after Chance confessed their one-time sexual encounter.
Chloe: "I see a reoccuring theme here, Heather. No one wants you, and only you. So whatever you have to offer, I guess just isn't really all that appealing, now is it?"
Heather: You know, I didn't sneak up on Chance in the middle of the night. He knew what he was doing.
Chloe: Oh yeah. He was doing a nasty, pathetic little slut.

MAXIE VS. LISA: Monday's GENERAL HOSPITAL was a bit of a letdown after an exciting week last week but the best part was Maxie and Robin, especially Maxie telling Lisa exactly what she thinks about her.
Maxie: "Don't you dare go anywhere near that operating room. And you keep your manipulative, home-wrecking self away from my family."

ONE KISS, NO HANDS: AS THE WORLD TURNS was pretty much the CarJack show on Monday. Michael Park and Maura West continued to be on top of their game.

NO HOPE: After chasing Hope for what seemed like miles, Brooke finally caught her only to get blasted. Watch the whole episode at CBS.com to see Steffy get fired by Ridge! This was the most enjoyable soap episode of the day (and the one with the least amount of clips on YouTube).

GOODBYE, EVANGELINE: Layla and Lisa shared a tearful goodbye with Evangeline on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

DAMON & COLBY: The young lovers finally made love on ALL MY CHILDREN then Liza and Tad showed up.

What was your favorite soap moment on Monday?

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  1. How about the very witty and cute scenes with Luke and Reid on As the World Turns? Very well done, and the two actors continue to amaze.