Thursday, June 10, 2010


Word spread around Salem on Wednesday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES that Alice Horton was starting to slip away. She even thought Nathan was Tom when he visited her. Maggie told him that being with Tom was where Alice wanted to be. The show featured several flashbacks including a great one of Julie and Alice. On Thursday's show, Melissa Reeves arrives as Jennifer. Watch Wednesday's episode below.


  1. So far, so good. I have to applaud DOOL for the way they are going about handling Alice's passing. No one deserves this more than Frances Reid, and they are telling it in a very realistic way. If a loved one is in danger of passing away, friends and family come to *visit*, so this makes perfect sense.

    I just don't now how they will explain away the absence of Marlena and John :)

  2. It looks like they have time to give everyone a flashback. Wonderful! Mrs. H giving advice way, way back to Marie and Julie! I was not sure Days would go way back into the archives and show more than 10sec but it looks like they are going to do this justice. This is just wonderful to see the original actors matched with their past selves all to honor the character of Alice and the actress Frances that portrayed her.

    Please keep up the momentum Days!